Vignettes portfolio

Viette 1 (personal paragraph and this is the first person).

On saturday morning we went to Mumbai .Then we order ÜBER TO LEAD US TO THE HOTEL THEN WE WENT OUTSIDE to eat and buy clothes and it has a nice ocean .then the second day we at breakfast after that we went to the supermarket . Third day we went to the mall and it is a big mall .we buoyed Starbucks .fourth day we went to the airport we buoyed food and the flight was at 3;00 pm .and we buoyed Starbucks the flight came and we rushed because it is almost going .And we came back yesterday at 6;00 am.

Viette 2 (child labor first 3 person )

There was a girl name Rosie she is 7 years old and she is suffering and by not eating she went to people and ask for money .she was also suffering that she is poor.she did not eat in 3 days.maybe she is without a family because she is alone in a factory and she needs help.she got hurt by the can help her by giving Her money and food .she need to go to school but people was annoying her.she sleeps at the the floor without a blanket and pillow she is cold she is as good as other people.

Viette 3(person3 )

There was a girl named Mary she is 8 years old .she is a maid and every Thursday she is cleaning other people house .she is poor and she did not get money after the cleaning other house . The people pay her less she never go to school to learn people were saying why don’t these poor children go to school.people trying to convince the people and the government to make a shelter and school. But then the government allow them to go to school and eat food they also make a shelter for them to Sleep. After she went to school like she worked so hard to archive of learning.

Parents confrence

Dear mom and dad Date :March 9,2018

I did in class math ,reading ,writing ,and learning habits and study planning.

I did well at reading. For example, I read Dear Whiskers .

I did great at math. math, I solve my homework.

For Example:5x=150

For learning habits, we arelearning how to be responsible,respectful,how to be collaborative.

Responsible for Example:taking care of your thing like you didn’t lost your things.

Respectful For Example:being kind good to others.

Collaboration For Example:work with others ,work in groups,working as a team.

I want to learn at writing another paragraph.